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The mission of Mountain Star Quilters is to provide support and opportunities for new and experienced quilters to learn skills, have ways to display their work, and contribute to the Sierra County community.


Mountain Star Quilters formed 31 years ago and is a closely knit group of 35, all of whom enjoy hospitality and take pleasure in welcoming those who are fascinated by quilts and related creative endeavors.


Quilting today is a matter of constantly evolving artistic expressions and of learning the techniques necessary to create them. For some it is a matter of learning the older techniques required for certain classics enjoying a revival.


At our monthly meetings, “quickie” demonstrations occur often, and of course, we always include “show-and-tell” time. The group makes quilts for local hospitalized children, and has made and donated fanciful pillowslips for children in Reno hospitals. Any local woman who finds herself a grandmother can take advantage of the club’s special offer of a baby quilt for ten dollars.


Once a year, members sneak off for a “mystery quilt weekend” in a member's local B-and-B, Helm's St. Charles Inn. Given instructions only one page at a time, each member ends up with her surprise quilt, differently colored from all the rest, as she brought her own fabrics!


Another recurring event involves a "Challenge":  A rotating chairman presents a fun project annually for the group to tackle. Once it was to make something with a set of provided fabrics that had to be dyed first. Another time it was to make a wall hanging based on a favorite song. This year it is to finish something that had been started long ago and dropped. The deadline is always the September meeting. This thought-provoking, envelope-stretching exercise results in great surprises, and we'll show you what blooms after the September meeting...


During odd-numbered years, Mountain Star Quilters mounts a quilt show. This was an annual event in years past; however with the proliferation of quilt shows these days, the club felt a fresh effort might be of more interest to both members and our visitors. So we decided to hold bi-annual retreats with classes and workshops in even-numbered years. This will be our fifth retreat with more classes than ever before, and we have broadened our scope by adding beading and embroidery to the mix.


The Opportunity Quilt


The group’s fundraising efforts consist entirely of making and selling tickets on a quilt which is made by the members. Proceeds from this effort are given as scholarships to graduating Downieville High School students each June. This year's gorgeous quilt is an 1860s Period Reproduction Quilt, designed by Paula Barnes. Inspired by the Greystone House in Upperville, Virginia that was deeded to George Washington by Lord Fairfax and later in the center of many Civil War skirmishes, Barnes' design evokes the deep history of the area. The fabrics are all reproduction of fabrics used during the Civil War era.


The drawing for the quilt will be held on Saturday, October 4 at 3:00 p.m. If you’d like to purchase tickets, they are $1 each or 6 for $5. Send checks to: Box 647, Downieville, CA, 95936.

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